TypeTool: A Professional Tool to Build & Convert Fonts, for Just $99

TypeTool 3At just $99, FontLab’s TypeTool 3 is an affordable, simple and easy-to-use font editor for TrueType, PostScript Type 1, and OpenType fonts. Because it’s based on FontLab’s professional fontmaking technologies, it’s also extremely capable and professional.

With it, you can:

  • Convert fonts from PostScript (Type 1) to TrueType and back
  • Convert fonts from Mac to Windows and back
  • Build new fonts from EPS files — great for dingbats, logos and signatures!
  • Draw new characters
  • Copy characters from other fonts
  • Copy/paste from Adobe Illustrator
  • Print font reference tables
  • Assign characters to new keyboard positions
  • Automatically fix fonts whose characters print strangely or won’t print at all
  • Export characters in EPS format
  • Automatically kern and hint an entire font

TypeTool is perfectly suited for 99% of a graphic designer’s needs, at a fraction of the cost of Fontographer or FontLab Studio. I consider it an essential part of a professional graphic design toolbox.