Quark Publishing System 7.4 Adds Support for Leopard, Safari, LDAP, Full Text Search, Russian and Polish

Quark Publishing System

Six months ago, Quark released version 7 of their Quark Publishing System, a unique server-based system that allowed groups to share in the production of a publication. We wrote about it then, Quark Releases Quark Publishing System 7

Now, Quark has released version 7.4 of QPS, and it adds several important new features:

  • Support for Mac OS 10.5 Leopard in QPS and its clients.
  • The new QPS Web Hub now runs with Apple’s Safari browser as well as Firefox.
  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Support: QPS user names and passwords can now be managed through a company’s active directory to streamline and consolidate user management.
  • Full Text Search: Users can now search document content within any assets that are stored in QPS.
  • Check-in Multiple: The ability for users to check in multiple assets at the same time.
  • Russian and Polish interfaces are now available in QPS.

You can read Quark’s full press release here.