FlightCheck Professional 6.11 Improves Support for QuarkXPress 7

FlightCheckMarkzware’s FlightCheck has been a de-facto standard in the graphic arts industry for many years, checking files for potential output problems — in print and PDF. Version 6.11 makes several improvements to its existing support for QuarkXPress 7 documents:

  • Added detection of Opacity in QuarkXPress 7 documents
  • Improved reporting of Hexachrome inks used in QuarkXPress 7 documents.
  • Improved detection and reporting of Default Trap settings in QuarkXPress 7 documents
  • Improved detection of QuarkXPress 7 documents that were formerly reported as Locked or File Not Recognized.

A full list of improvements is available here.

FlightCheck can also preflight documents from QuarkXPress versions 3, 4, 5 and 6, as well as InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, and other formats. Price: US$499.

Want to learn more?

Planet Quark previously posted four 4-minute how-to videos by Markzware’s Doug Rosen. If you’re curious about FlightCheck and want to see how easy it is to use, check out these videos.

Basics of FlightCheck: Video How-Tos