Quark CEO Explains the Direction of the Company

Adrian Bridgwater posted an insightful interview with Quark CEO Ray Schiavone at ZDNet. I felt light bulbs come on in my head as Schiavone explained Quark’s new Dynamic Publishing Architecture (DPA) in real-world terms:

“The DPA approach… is based on the reality of modern publishing environments, where content is initially produced in a variety of formats from Word, to HTML, to XML, to InDesign or QuarkXPress. That content then enters the “manage” phase, where storage to a content-management system occurs and options for search then exist. Selected content then moves to a transformation engine inside a QuarkXPress server so that it can finally be output to print, to websites, mobile devices or another form of desktop delivery, such as an RSS feed.

Our clients tell us that this is the type of toolset they want to support the way they work now. They want to be able to get content to the Web first and then repurpose it without the chore and delay of a cut-and-paste process.”

And what about Quark’s possible plan to go public or be bought out? Schavone stated: “Quark is still a private company and we have never made the decision to go public or try to be bought out.”

That seems pretty clear to me…