Microsoft’s Pesky .docx Files

Microsoft Word 2007 for Windows and Word 2008 for Mac save their files in a format that previous versions of Word cannot open. You’ll recognize them by their .docx filename extension. If you’re a Mac user and don’t yet have Word 2008, you can open these files from within Apple’s free TextEdit or Apple’s Pages ’08 application, and then save them in .rtf format for use in QuarkXPress and other applications.

This kind of workaround is necessary because Microsoft’s Open XML Converter for Office 2004 has now been delayed until June (maybe to encourage more people to buy Office 2008?). And unfortunately, their current beta version of the converter has significant problems converting graphics and maintaining document formatting.

If you need a more robust conversion tool today, here’s a good option: NeoOffice for Mac.


This open source application opens Word and Excel 2007/2008 documents with formatting intact, and costs nothing unless you choose to support the project with your donation.