Easy IT8 Calibration for Scanners and Cameras

An IT8 Calibration target contains squares of precisely measured colors. When you scan the target or take a photo of it, specialized software can determine how the colors should look and then create a profile to correct them in the digital file.

Previously, IT8 Calibration targets were only available for expensive scanners. Now, LaserSoft Imaging supports IT8 calibration in its affordable SilverFast 6.5 scanner and photo software ($49 and up), which is available for most scanners and SLR digital cameras.


You scan or photograph the target, and with one click, the software aligns the image of the target and uses its unique barcode to identify that exact target and build an ICC profile for the current scanning session or photo shoot.

Targets are available in reflective and transmissive media, including 35mm, 6x7cm, 16x21cm, 4x5in and 5x7in.

Prices range from $33 to $110.