CopyFlow Gold Tutorial in X-Ray Magazine

Yesterday, Jeff Gamet mentioned the amazing XTension CopyFlow Gold, CopyFlow Gold Automates Export & Import of Text and Pictures.

As luck would have it, X-Ray magazine published a detailed story on how to use CopyFlow Gold yesterday as well.

I like their introduction:

“Imagine being able to export all of the individual text boxes of a catalogue, translate the text, and then have it flow back into the document, in the same way it was exported. How about exporting all the text for archiving, or for creating web pages, or populating a database? It’s not impossible, it’s the feature set of CopyFlow Gold: round-tripping — or just exporting — of text and graphics between QuarkXPress or InDesign and Word RTF or tagged text files.”

If this sounds intriguing to you, check out their story.