Quark Hosts New Social Site for Designers

www.ilovedesign.comQuark has made an unusual move by hosting a website intended for all designers, not just designers who use Quark products. Named www.ilovedesign.com, it invites designers from around the world to showcase their designs, rate designs by others, discuss design issues, and contact each other.

It also has some engaging video chats by leading designers such as David Carson, Peter Saville, and Chip Kidd, and some fun downloads. Of course, Quark isn’t doing this completely out of the goodness of their hearts — the “Case Studies” area focuses on successful users of QuarkXPresss, and the “QuarkXPress” area highlights many of the newest features that you may not be familiar with.

I’m looking forward to seeing this website grow, with input from the 3+ million users of QuarkXPress around the world.