Quark Loves Latin America

At last week’s Graphics of the Americas expo, I was surprised to see that the only major software exhibitor was Quark. In fact, Quark not only had a booth, it also had a hands-on training lab/theater, and each time I walked by that area, I noticed that the lab was at least 3/4 full — an encouraging sign for sure.

It certainly made sense to me that Quark would be at Graphics of the Americas — the show draws many people from Latin America, and the QuarkXPress 7: Latin American Edition has been a huge hit since its release last July.

QuarkXPress 7: Latin American Edition is an unusual hybrid-language version of QuarkXPress aimed at publishers in the English/Spanish/Portuguese markets. It provides user interfaces in all three languages, and users can switch freely among those languages. Its spell checking and hyphenation engines include rules for Spanish, Portuguese and International English.

But the killer deal is this: QuarkXPress 7 Latin American Edition costs the same as the English edition ($749), as do upgrades from previous versions of QuarkXPress ($249). If you happened to have purchased the U.S. English version of QuarkXPress between Jan 1 and Sept 30 2007, Quark says you can exchange your license for the Latin American Edition at no charge.