Drobo: Automated Hard Drive Management

DroboA problem faced by many of us is how to expand external hard drive storage while maintaining our existing investment in hard drives and keeping it all safe from data corruption. Data Robotics has a solution named Drobo that is being well received by designers and photographers. This unique black cube holds an array of up to four bare 3.5-inch SATA hard drives that can be swapped out by simply pulling them out of the front of the cube. When stocked with multiple drives, your Mac displays all of them as one hard drive.

DroboDrobo automatically configures the drives to keep a redundant copy of all data. If a hard drive malfunctions, or you want to replace it with a new drive, you can do it on the fly and Drobo takes care of reconfiguring everything you. Red, yellow and green indicator lights tell you when you’re nearing capacity, or need to replace a full or bad drive. Their website has some compelling videos illustrating its use. The empty Drobo costs $499.