Announced today: Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution — What is it?

You can read Quark’s press release here on their newly announced Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (Quark DPS). But what is it, exactly? Based on conversations I’ve had with the folks at Quark, it’s a name for a combination of software applications that can be used together to break down pieces of documents and then regenerate new content automatically. For example, a publisher could set up rules that automatically route appropriate bits and pieces of layouts for use in different regions, websites, or devices.

Quark DPS includes a combination of these parts:

  • Quark Transformation Engine: to convert proprietary documents from applications such as Microsoft Word, QuarkXPress, Quark CopyDesk, Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy into standard XML-based items for use in other systems.
  • QuarkXPress: for laying out pages, designing templates, etc.
  • QuarkXPress Server: for generating PDFs, QuarkXPress documents, Web pages, and other electronic content.
  • Quark Publishing System (QPS): for managing articles, assignments, and entire issues of publications.
  • Digital asset management software: such as the open-source Alfresco for storing, tracking and recalling individual assets such as stories, graphics, captions, sidebars, etc.
  •’s Xpress Author: a plug-in for Microsoft Word that intelligently tracks user input to generate XML tags and schemas.

Quark DPS is based on open standards, including XML. Because of that, the components can be mixed and matched with software from other vendors, including software that may already be in use by a publisher. Independent systems integrators will take on the task of assembling appropriate components for a publisher’s needs, and reconfiguring the components as a publisher’s needs change.

But what about the future of Quark’s desktop application QuarkXPress? In my conversations with Quark CEO Ray Schiavone, he clearly stated that Quark will continue to add new design features to QuarkXPress, as well as add features that facilitate automated publishing from within QuarkXPress. (See “QuarkXPress and the Desktop.”)