Affordable “OPI”

XTensionGluon’s ArtSwapper ($99) is an XTension for QuarkXPress 4 or 6 that lets you exchange high- and low-resolution images for each other in a QuarkXPress document, while preserving clipping, rotation, etc. You can work with low-res images, and when final output time comes, switch to high-resolution images without breaking your brain.

When used in combination with Gluon’s DocuSlim ($249), it creates a fairly automated OPI system. DocuSlim can automatically create optimized high-resolution and low-resolution picture files for every image in a document, at the same time “fixing” them by changing RGB to CMYK or grayscale, resizing them for 100% scaling in QuarkXPress, and rotating the original as necessary. (QuarkXPress prints rotated pictures to desktop inkjet printers at 72 dpi, and DocuSlim quickly fixes this problem.) It can process a selection, page range, or master pages.