“Images flow inline with text — InDesign does this, can Quark?”

I saw this today on the Mac News Network forum:
Images flow inline with text – InDesign does this, can Quark?


Is QuarkXPress able to do this? We have Quark 6.5.

(from an M.I.T. how-to for InDesign) Images Inline with text: You can place your cursor in the main text frame and just choose File> Place. Just click with the loaded cursor where you want the image to appear. This will place your picture inside a text frame of the correct size inline with your text. This means that if you choose “Select All” both the text and images will become selected. This means that you won’t be able to select and replace only the text. However, the benefit is that the images will move with the text, so that if you want the images to be located near specific phrases, you don’t have to worry about the location changing if you add or remove text. You do not need to worry about text wrap with this method. Just enlarge the text frame if the text gets too close to the pictures.

Reply #1:
Yes, since version 3. Create a picture box, cut it, place your cursor where you want it to appear in the text, paste.

Reply #2:
It’s a surprisingly little-known feature. So many times I’ve used this and people have been like, “Holy cow! He’s hacking Quark!”


It seems to me that there’s a tremendous opportunity for QuarkXPress trainers out there. With a little help from Quark, hundreds of thousands (millions?) of users could be introduced to the “new” features in QuarkXPress 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Maybe Quark could wage an information war, bombarding customers with regular communications on exactly what QuarkXPress is capable of. It’s clear that most users have no idea of the power waiting inside QuarkXPress.

Just a thought.