Advanced Training for Quark Job Jackets

The Job Jackets feature in QuarkXPress 7 is unique and phenomenally powerful, but sources for learning how to use it in the real world are rare. Previously, I mentioned IT Enquirer’s Quark Job Jackets Basics Multimedia Training Pack, and now they’ve released an Advanced Pack.

The Advanced Training Pack teaches how to define Quark Job Jackets by converting Publishing/Output Specifications from standards organizations such as the JDF-defining Ghent WorkGroup (GWG). It includes three sample Job Jackets — including one that contains the 13 output specifications of the GWG — and their associated settings files.

It also includes:

  • The complete Basic Training Pack to get you started quickly
  • A Walkthrough Video showing how to convert specifications into Job Jackets Resources
  • A full listing of all Job Jacket Resources, organised in a Matrix sheet so you can easily fill in and customise Jacket and Ticket Resources
  • Extensive instructions on customising the sample Job Jackets to your own specific needs
  • Sample Job Jackets — one ready-made for magazine ads, one for book publishing, and one for Ghent WorkGroup compliance holding the 13 GWG output specifications — complete with settings files
  • Optional e-mail based assistance to help you further with customising Job Jackets to your own needs

As Erik Vlietinck, Editor of IT Enquirer, notes: “We found that the most difficult part about setting up Quark Job Jackets is not so much the creation of a Job Jacket by itself. Instead, translating specifications such as those of the Ghent WorkGroup into Job Jackets Resources is the most difficult to grasp, even by people whose regular job is to set up a workflow.”

The Advanced Quark Job Jackets Training Pack teaches users how to convert such standards body specifications into Job Jacket Resources quickly and efficiently. The Advanced Pack’s Matrix sheet helps to identify the Resources that correspond to any particular specification setting quickly.

“Experiments showed the Advanced Training Pack — especially its Matrix sheet and sample Job Jackets — saved users two weeks of time spent to figuring out how to convert the specifications into Resources correctly,” Erik Vlietinck said.

The Advanced Training Pack costs EUR 650 (US$961) for the stand-alone Pack, or EUR 1190 (US$1,752) with additional e-mail based assistance included. IT Enquirer V.I.P. subscribers receive a 25% discount.