Quark Continues to Quietly Add QPS Customers

Quark Inc. today announced that Univers Workplace Benefits, the leader in employee benefit communications and enrollment solutions, is using Quark Publishing System 7 (QPS 7) to produce integrated communications campaigns.

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Univers Workplace Benefits Delivers Benefit Communications with QPS 7
January 22, 2008

Univers Workplace Benefits Delivers Benefit Communications with Quark Publishing System 7

Denver, CO – January 22, 2008 – Quark Inc. today announced that Univers Workplace Benefits(TM), the leader in employee benefit communications and enrollment solutions, is using Quark Publishing System® 7 (QPS® 7) collaborative workflow system to produce integrated communications campaigns.

Univers Workplace Benefits is the nation’s leading benefit communications and enrollment solutions provider, communicating to approximately 500,000 individuals about their benefits every year. The company offers its services to companies ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Employers rely on Univers Workplace Benefits to educate their workforce and increase benefit participation. As part of its services, Univers Workplace Benefits creates integrated employee communication campaigns designed to facilitate employees’ participation in the benefit enrollment process.

The campaigns that Univers Workplace Benefits creates for its clients include booklets, one-page fliers, postcards, posters and electronic communications. Univers Workplace Benefits chose QPS 7 because it enables the company to repurpose specific client content across this broad range of communications while reducing errors. QPS 7 helps Universe Workplace Benefits maintain version control throughout its multifaceted campaign materials and eliminates redundant steps in its workflow for improved productivity. Owing to its platform-independence, QPS 7 supports Univers Workplace Benefits employees in both Mac® and Windows® environments. Further, Univers benefits from the real-time project status updates that QPS 7 provides.

“Univers juggles as many as 20 client campaigns at one time, which makes workflow efficiency critical to us,” said Ralph Morano, vice president of communications for Univers Workplace Benefits. “QPS 7 enables us to work fast without compromising accuracy, and offers us flexibility to handle last minute content revisions without jeopardizing deadlines. Just as important, it will allow content writers in our Florida and California operations centers to collaborate seamlessly with our New Jersey-based graphic design and production department.”

“QPS 7 helps companies like Univers manage demanding editorial, creative, and production workflows for improved productivity, output and cost-effectiveness,” said Linda Chase, general manager, Quark Publishing System for Quark. “Univers is focused on creating the best user experience possible and we have worked closely to deliver a collaborative workflow system that meets their dynamic business needs while ensuring that their clients receive high-quality benefit communications.”

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