Quark Interactive Designer Compatible with Leopard

Over the past year, I’ve raved about Quark Interactive Designer, the XTension for QuarkXPress that lets you use QuarkXPress tools to create Flash-based interactive projects.

And now, along with QuarkXPress 7.31, QuarkXPress 7.31 Updater: Certified for Windows Vista & Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, it’s compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Version 1.02 brings full compatibility with Leopard, but no new features. (Version 1.01 is the latest version for Windows, and it has the same functionality as version 1.02 for Mac.)

If you haven’t yet looked at Quark Interactive Designer, you’re missing out. Here’s how Quark describes it:

“…it allows for the creation of Flash layouts without writing code, and it also enables users to repurpose print work for the Web and offers innovative design functionality. …create rich, interactive tours, online advertisements and design-driven presentations using QuarkXPress 7. The software features interactive buttons, animations and dozens of predefined actions for transitioning pages, playing sounds, sliding objects and creating interactive menus.”

X-Ray magazine has an excellent introduction to using it here. www.xraymag.com/articles/xray_v5n2_quid_1.html