ProVJ Now for QuarkXPress 7

Durrant SoftwareLast week, we mentioned Durrant Software’s excellent free XTension ProVJ. They’ve now updated it for QuarkXPress 7, which means you can now use it in QuarkXPress 4, 5, 6 and 7!

As we said before, ProJ solves a nagging problem when paginating longer documents. When you assign Vertical Justification to text boxes, so that the top line and bottom line of text align from page to page, QuarkXPress adds space uniformly between paragraphs.

ProVJ changes this so that space will be added only before paragraphs that already are defined to have space before them. And, it adds the extra space in proportion to the amount of Space Before already present.

This saves a ton of time when trying to make a column of text fill the height of its text box while still maintaining the overall look of the paragraph spacing.