Quark Partners with Alfresco

Both Quark and Adobe offer powerful server software that can be used to create enterprise-level publishing systems. Quark has strategically chosen to employ open-source standards in their system, in hopes of attracting customers who value being able to access their assets from a limitless choice of third-party software providers, rather than be limited forever by a proprietary format.

This strategy has already resulted in partnerships with several developers of powerful publishing systems. The latest partnership is with Alfresco, the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management. Alfresco’s CEO John Powell describes the situation quite clearly:

“Alfresco is seeing tremendous adoption across publishing, media and government sectors. This is being driven by the need to efficiently repurpose content for today’s dynamic publishing market. Through this collaboration with Quark, we will be able to offer media and publishing organizations the opportunity to use a robust and enterprise scale solution at an affordable price.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what this combination of asset management and automated content publishing will produce.

Alfresco’s press release is available here.