Badia OpenNow XT 2.0

XTensionBadia OpenNow XT 2.0 is a free XTension for QuarkXPress 6 that adds helpful features for working with imported pictures.

To use it, select the Content tool and double-click any picture box. OpenNow will display the picture’s status (OK, missing, modified), its file name and location, file size, original picture size and resolution, color mode, creator, and modification date and time.

More cool features:
You can click a button to open the picture using the default application you assigned to it in the Finder’s Get Info window (instead of opening in the application that created the picture); you can reveal the picture file in the Finder or open any folder in the hierarchy of folders containing the picture fileand update the picture box with the latest version of the picture.

Because of these additional features, many people prefer to use it instead of Quark’s Edit Original XT.