How to Open 6 with 6 and 7 with 7, revisited

Yesterday, I posted some information about how to get a handle on QuarkXPress 6 documents opening into QuarkXPress 7, How to Open 6 with 6 and 7 with 7, even though you have both running.

Jean-Claude Tremblay pointed out the most perfect solution I’ve seen, so I wrote it up:

Jo Lauterbach’s JoJo is a free XTension for QuarkXPress 6/7 that solves a longstanding problem for people who use both QuarkXPress 6 and 7: it opens every project into the application version that created it. So, if you double-click a QX6 project:

  1. If QX6 is running, the project will open into it.
  2. If only QX7 is running, QX7 will display a warning dialog box:


You can download it at

I tested it, and it works. Very slick!