Convert MS Word to XPress

XTensionQuarkXPress support only the most basic features when importing Microsoft Word documents.

Bitmix’s qXport 3 ($99) is a utility that converts Word documents to QuarkXPress, InDesign, or XML formats, maintaining as many Word features as possible, including Index marks, Headers & Footers, tabbed tables, bullets, lists, symbols, paragraph and character style sheets, and colored text.

You can specify fonts to replace other fonts, and its Unicode support lets you import Greek, Cyrillic and Eastern European text into QuarkXPress.

It can also batch-convert multiple Word documents. qXport works with all versions of Word (Mac and Windows) starting with Word 97/98 and with QuarkXPress version 4 and up in Mac OS X, OS 9, and Windows.

UPDATE: It seems that this product is now discontinued.