Thumbnail Drag vs. Append Layout

A time-honored QuarkXPress technique for fixing a possibly corrupt document is to drag its pages to a new document. When you do that, QuarkXPress rebuilds every item from scratch.

Thumbnail Drag vs. Append LayoutBut QuarkXPress 7 has a quicker way to accomplish the same thing — with the additional advantage that you don’t have to open the project that has the problem. Just create a new project and choose File> Append… Then select the project that has the problem, click on the Layout option in the left column, and then append the Layout you want. As the Layout is added, all its items will be rebuilt and cleaned up. You may then delete the Layout you started with in the new Project by choosing Layout> Delete.

(For historians and old-schoolers: to Thumbnail Drag, open the old and new document, view both in Thumbnail mode, and drag the thumbnails from the old document to the new one.