A Clever Way to Include a Website in an Interactive Portfolio

Whether you’re creating an advanced, interactive portfolio in Quark Interactive Designer or in Acrobat, it’s difficult to include a website you’ve designed. One way to get across to a client exactly what a website does is to make a movie of it and then include it in your portfolio.

Use a screen capture utility to take a movie of someone using a website you designed. If you have Quark Interactive Designer ($50), you can then place that movie into a picture box in QuarkXPress and then export the whole project as a Flash file. If you’re clever, you’ll use the one-step conversion built into QuarkXPress to convert your other best work from QuarkXPress to Quark Interactive Designer. Then, animate items as you see fit and add dramatic transitions between pages. The result will be an interactive presentation with a huge “wow” factor.

You can do a similar thing in Adobe Acrobat, but without all the animations. Also, it must be exported as a PDF instead of a Flash file.