Copy Illustrator Paths into QuarkXPress

It’s now possible to copy paths from Illustrator into QuarkXPress 7, after you install Quark’s free XPert BoxTools XTension. (One of 15 XTensions in Quark XPert Tools Pro.)

  1. Copy the path from Illustrator.
  2. Create a new document in Photoshop, open the Paths panel and paste. Select Paste as Path in the Paste dialog box.
  3. Double-click this path on the Paths panel to name and save it.
  4. Save the document in TIFF format and import it into a QuarkXPress layout.
  5. In the Measurements palette, click the Clipping tab and select Embedded Path.
  6. In the Item menu, choose Picture Box Shape From Path> New Box From Clipping Path
  7. If necessary, use Item> Split to separate compound paths.

You now have a native QuarkXPress path that you can modify any way you like.