A Taller, Wider Pasteboard for QuarkXPress

XTensionI was chatting with a QuarkXPress user recently who lamented that they were forced to use Adobe Illustrator to lay out their documents because the pasteboard in QuarkXPress wasn’t tall enough to let him store items above and below the page.

In previous versions of QuarkXPress, he made great use of Markzware’s PasteBoard XT ($30) to increase the height of the pasteboard, but when we spoke it wasn’t yet available for QuarkXPress 7. The good news is that now it is, and there’s a version for QuarkXPress 6 as well.

Historical note: PasteBoard XT was one of the first XTensions for QuarkXPress, but Markzware made a huge mistake in the first versions: if you used it on a document, nobody could open that document unless they had PasteBoard XT. The developers quickly fixed that problem, and every version since version 1.4 in 1995 removed that requirement. Still, the reputation of this useful XTension was damaged.