Why Seasoned Pros use QuarkXPress

One of Quark’s recent press releases does a remarkable job of highlighting why one very successful design firm loves to use QuarkXPress. Their experience is similar to my own, and I suspect it’s shared by many designers, so we present it here.

Paris-based design studio Artyg Arts & Types specializes in the layout and design of high-quality books on cooking and cosmetics in association with leading publishers, photographers, and chefs. You can read the complete release here, QuarkXPress 7 Pays Tribute to French Cuisine, but check out these highlights:

“Font management under QuarkXPress 7 is sufficiently rich to manage the entire layout process, including kerning, making it the natural creative tool to communicate the depth of flavour and color of fanciful haute cuisine.”

To broaden its customer base, they tested competitive page layout packages, but as Christophe Auger admits, “when we need to speed up production or work on large files, nothing beats the flexibility and intuition of QuarkXPress 7.”

“It’s not just habit that has kept us using QuarkXPress for years,” he added. “QuarkXPress can easily manage large files and, with layers, enables us to work in a transparent way. More importantly, it is enormously stable. The fact that QuarkXPress 7 includes a number of European and foreign symbols (Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, for example) is a huge bonus for us, because we work on books that are distributed internationally.”

“Whatever anyone says, there’s simply nothing like QuarkXPress 7 — the ease with which you can access the most frequently used menus, PDF management optimization, and creation of high resolution PDF files, its unbelievable capacity to compile lots of files, images and fonts in a single document, etc. QuarkXPress 7 really is a huge step forward in productivity for page design.”