David Blatner Chooses Planet Quark

Real World QuarkXPress 7David Blatner is an icon in the pantheon of QuarkXPress culture. His first book on QuarkXPress, titled simply The QuarkXPress Book, quickly became the definitive reference on how to use QuarkXPress 3 in a real-world setting.

Appropriately enough, when QuarkXPress 5 was released, the title of The QuarkXPress Book was changed to Real World QuarkXPress. And now Real World QuarkXPress 7 has been released, coinciding with the launch of Planet Quark and the renaissance of invention and leadership at Quark, Inc.

But QuarkXPress 7 is a new animal. Its capabilities cannot be described as linearly as previous versions. In fact, there’s so much new to QuarkXPress 7 that David felt it best to recruit several writers to handle the specifics of some of the deep new features — under the guidance of his broad experience, and delivered with his unique, deeply communicative style of writing.

And that’s why we’re head-over-heels proud to announce that David chose Planet Quark to be the home of his supplemental materials Web page for Real World QuarkXPress 7.

There you’ll find:

  • links to the XTensions he recommends
  • project files for following along
  • information about scripting QuarkXPress
  • links to scripters he recommends
  • and links to all the companies and products he mentions in the book