Quark’s Remarkable Third Quarter

In just the several months that Planet Quark has been live, I’ve noticed quite a number of major announcements from Quark. As if to soothe my feeling that perhaps I’m imagining things, Quark sent out a press release today that highlights their accomplishments in the past three months.

You can read their press release here.

The bulleted items include:

• QuarkXPress Server 7.2
A huge update to their on-demand advertising automation, catalog production, Web-to-print, and one-to-one marketing system.
“Seemingly Magical Ad Production”

• Quark Publishing System 7
Quark completely rewrote QPS, based on established open standards. Reviewers are calling it “best in class”.
“Report Analyses Quark Publishing System 7, Smart Connection Enterprise, and K4.”

• QuarkXPress 7.3
Better performance, streamlined interface, support for 18 languages.
“More on the QuarkXPress 7.3 Update”

• Quark Print Collection
Added support for Acrobat 8 (PDF 1.7).
“Quark Print Collection Now Supports Acrobat 8.”

• QuarkConnects
A technology preview of a system that connects output providers to document producers.
“Quark Connects Printers & Customers with QuarkConnects”

• Upgrades at major creative companies and universities worldwide.

• New partnerships with systems integrators worldwide.

• Macworld UK’s awards Quark Interactive Designer “Best Creative Web Software.”
“Quark Interactive Designer Wins Award”

• Quark opened a new office in California’s silicon valley
“Quark to Open a New Office in Silicon Valley”