Typographic Excellence: a Website

www.KernProse.comKernProse has several useful resources for those of us who care about setting type professionally, using punctuation correctly, and communicating clearly. Their website, www.kernprose.com, has a handy page of proofreader’s marks, links to font-related resources they respect, timeless advice about using type on a page, advice for kerning, and more.

My favorite bit is in the section on custom kerning:

“Only Quark has the professional tools for creating ad agency-quality kerning. Quark’s Kerning Table Editor allows users to modify and create entire tables of professional kerns—on a document level. What this means to the typographer is that all the fine-tuning you are accustomed to doing locally, but which can be potentially deleted during revision cycle, can be done once and remain throughout the entire project’s revision cycle.”

And their Quark Tips section shows how to access the Kerning Table Editor in QuarkXPress.

Kerning Values

Be sure to click the “Next Page” links at the bottom of many of the pages — I missed a lot of their content my first time through the site.