Understanding the Value of Leopard, with Humor

I do not hide my appreciation for Macworld’s Andy Ihnatko. He unfailingly makes me chortle, snort, chuckle and feel smarter, all at the same time.

Here’s his take on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard:

What’s Leopard really worth?
An a-la-carte look at the value of OS X’s new features
By Andy Ihnatko

After having read everything by every other Macworld (and other) pundit, I understand the value of Leopard more now than I did by reading all the others put together.

Maybe you will, too.

(Note: QuarkXPress 7 works great in Leopard. QuarkXPress 6.5 does not, and probably never will. Same for Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 (great) and Creative Suite 2 (never). The exception is Acrobat 8, which needs an update, expected in January. January??? Hey Adobe… just how much power and vacation time DOES the Acrobat team have over there?)