Real World QuarkXPress 7

Real World QuarkXPress 7I’m convinced that the main reason there have historically been so few books about using QuarkXPress is that David Blatner’s Real World QuarkXPress has been the final word on the topic for every release since QuarkXPress 3.

And of course <sigh> the just-released Real World QuarkXPress 7 is no exception. However, because QuarkXPress 7 is significantly more advanced than previous versions, this edition of the book required additional writers. Instead of David penning the entire 856-page tome himself, he asked nine expert contributors to cover new areas of interest. So, David is now listed as “Editor”.

The book covers literally every aspect of using QuarkXPress, from its introductory “QuarkXPress in 30 minutes” chapter to using Job Jackets and Shared Content. And all of it is written in David’s approachable, authoritative style.

Having the book on your desk is like having an expert next to you, ready at any time to patiently explain anything you need to know. What could be better than that?

Its cover price is $54.99, published by Peachpit Press.