Three Places to Find Keyboard Shortcuts

Today’s tip comes from John Brandt, the creator of Special Character Shortcuts v.1.2, which we published on Sept 20. John writes:

For a complete set of QuarkXPress keyboard shortcuts for special characters (and for everything else), select Help> Help Topics from the menu bar in QuarkXPress. Click the Index tab. Click, search or scroll to Keyboard commands. Select Text commands (or other desired category) for your platform. Mac shortcuts are on the left, Windows on the right.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you prefer a printed manual, it can be ordered from Quark by phone or on the Web. But PDF version is installed with your application: open the QuarkXPress 7 folder within your Applications folder, open the Documents folder, then English (or your language if not English). The manual is called Guide to QuarkXPress.pdf.

Within the manual, the keyboard shortcuts for Quark’s invisible characters begin on page 132. And go ahead, take some time to read the entire “Working with glyphs” chapter. It’s quite enlightening.