Free QuarkXPress Hands-on Video Tutorials from Prepress Training Solution

Prepress Training Solution produces unique training videos aimed at professional designers. They’ve generously provided a collection of chapters from their videos for the Planet Quark community, including two for QuarkXPress and several for Adobe products.

What’s unique about their videos is that they are hands-on without requiring you to have the applications you’re learning about. Instead, each tutorial prompts you to click on the appropriate menus, buttons, checkboxes and other items to keep the tutorial going. I had fun completing the tutorials, and I think you will, too.

www.prepresstraining.comThe first QuarkXPress tutorial shows the basics of using the Photoshop Import palette to control the layers, masks and paths in an imported Photoshop file. It also shows how to find imported pictures that have had Picture Effects applied to them.

Accessing the videos requires free registration.