Flexible Export from QuarkXPress

XTensionBadia’s Exportools 2.02 ($100) is an XTension for QuarkXPress 7 that lets you export your document pages in many ways, including: plain or rich text (RTF), PDF, Screen Picture, PostScript, EPS, and HTML.

Each format has many options, notably: EPS and Screen Picture can be scaled 10% to 1000%, in B&W, grayscale or color; Text can be exported using any filter in QuarkXPress (XPress Tags, MS Word, etc.), and you can choose the order that text boxes are processed on a page. Each page or range of pages in a project can be exported as a separate file.

Exportools can also automatically send exported files to other applications for processing, such as sending PostScript to Distiller to make a PDF, or sending an EPS to Photoshop to rasterize at any size and resolution. Badia also has versions for QuarkXPress 4, 5 and 6.