Quark Releases Quark Publishing System 7

Quark Releases Quark Publishing System 7

About a dozen years ago, Quark created a unique server-based system that allowed groups to share in the production of a publication. They called it Quark Publishing System (or QPS), and it’s been in use by publishers worldwide ever since.

QPS lets writers, editors, art directors, and production people work on the publication at the same time, sharing assets such as pictures, text, and entire stories or layouts. Writers and editors use QuarkCopyDesk to edit text on layouts, while art directors and other production people use QuarkXPress to create and adjust layouts.

With the release of QuarkXPress 7 and its industry-changing new collaboration features, Quark has had an opportunity to fundamentally redesign QPS — and apparently they have.

Three of the most impressive new features are that it embraces open standards and content from other applications, and that it can be used with only a Web browser as an interface — no Quark products necessary.

From their press release:

QPS 7 introduces new compelling features, including:

  • A new open standards-based architecture that makes QPS 7 platform independent, scalable, easy to use and fast to deploy, and supports an unlimited number of publications and projects in one system;
  • Server-side scripting that enables IT integrators and system administrators to automate processes in their workflow;
  • Real-time collaboration, which gives content and design contributors the possibility to work simultaneously on publications and projects and provide real-time updates;
  • A multifunctional client that enables workgroup members to use their preferred software applications on Mac or Windows operating systems and collaborate with each other in a virtual workplace with enhanced remote access;
  • Support for QuarkXPress 7 and QuarkCopyDesk 7, which provides designers the ability to provide writers and copy editors live updates of design changes so they can easily edit and precisely copyfit text;
  • QPS Web Editor, which lets users write, edit and copyfit text through the Internet and preview their work in progress as it appears in an actual QuarkXPress layout;
  • Certification with HSQL and Microsoft SQL means QPS 7 supports industry-standard databases;
  • File Streaming ensures easy and secure access to content