Seemingly Magical Ad Production

Three companies did something super cool by working together: they created an extremely powerful, fully automated high-volume print advertising generator.

Trust me — I’ve see this thing. It’s called Creative Production Platform (CPP), and it’s based on Gluon’s HyperPublishing tools and QuarkXPress Server 7. You can read the press release here but let me remove all the marketing gobbledegook for you:

You’ve got ads to produce. Lots of ’em. Constantly. With CPP you just upload your assets: logos, photos, ad templates, ad specs, etc. Then — get this — use a Web browser to mix and match layouts and other assets as necessary. Use the unique HyperScale feature to intelligently resize ads to new sizes (you should see it — it’s mind-blowing). Pump out hundreds of unique ads in a day.

And I’m not really doing justice to all it can do. That’s just what I took away from a quick look. I can imagine corporations installing this system so that their divisions around the world can produce brand-accurate local ads. I can also imagine ad agencies using it to pump out ads for clients worldwide.

I think this is the beginning of what we’re about to see people doing with the unprecedented new capabilities of QuarkXPress Server 7. At least, I hope so.

PRESS RELEASE: “AdTraction Creates New Opportunities for Creative Product Workflow Management with QuarkXPress Server”