PIA/GATF Color Management Conference

On Tuesday I praised the value of Pantone’s Huey Pro, I’m In Love With My Huey. Today I’d like to recommend what looks to be an excellent color management conference.

The 9th annual PIA/GATF Color Management Conference takes place in Phoenix on December 9-11, 2007.

The organizers say that the event is appropriate for any professional who touches color — designers, photographers, packaging professionals, prepress people, and printers. In a nod to the real world, the keynote presentation is by Todd Storbeck, senior publishing professional at Hallmark Cards, whose group’s goal is to build a “color reproduction workflow that is a transparent part of the design process.”

As of today, the agenda had not yet been posted, but you can send an email to Gwen Martin at gmartin@piagatf.org to request that one be sent to you as soon as it’s available.