QuarkXPress Chosen for UK Universities

This makes sense to me… besides the fact that QuarkXPress is used throughout the world for professional publishing, students need to learn just one interface (QuarkXPress) to create page layouts, adjust images, draw with Bézier tools, build interactive Web pages, and create interactive Flash presentations. Here are some highlights from Quark’s press release:

“Quark Inc. announced today that a growing number of the UK’s leading universities have upgraded to QuarkXPress 7 as part of their on-going commitment to teach students the design skills needed to succeed in the digital world. Students in art, design and media faculties across the UK — including Leicester College, the London College of Communications, Sheffield Hallam University, Swansea Institute of Higher Education, University of Bedfordshire and University of Lincoln — are discovering why QuarkXPress 7 is fast becoming the design tool of choice in education and beyond.

There are a number of key factors driving this trend: an increased demand for QuarkXPress skills from employers within the industry; revolutionary new features in QuarkXPress 7 like Quark Job Jackets and Composition Zones, which have an enormous impact on the way students work; and Quark’s increased commitment to the education sector with new student friendly pricing programs and curriculum materials.

‘The feedback we are getting from our students is that QuarkXPress 7 is a very positive step forward for Quark. They feel that it is easy to use and are impressed with all the new features — in particular with Job Jackets, as it makes it easier for them to work together, optimise design, and minimise production errors,’ said Damian Breen, education officer at Leicester College.

‘The fact that Quark Interactive Designer comes with every educational license of QuarkXPress 7 means that students are now able to actively embrace interactive media and take their design not only to print but the Web as well. This is an extremely important factor when students have limited time to learn software applications and therefore do not have the time to dedicate to learning a different set of software tools for each media,’ added Adam Procter, School of Media, Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire. ‘In addition, the increased level of support and commitment from Quark has been instrumental in our decision.’

You can read the entire press release here.