Getting Edgy with QuarkXPress 7.0

On September 21, Robert Underwood had a terrific post, How To Use An Image As A Background Behind A Story. And back on August 24, he demonstrated how Create a Simple Cutout Using an Alpha Channel — And a Cool Stacking Order trick.

To learn even more about these techniques, check out Steve Gray’s article in X-Ray magazine. This step-by-step tutorial shows exactly how to create a vector (hard-edged) or raster (soft-edged) cutout from a photo using the tools in QuarkXPress 7.

Tip to pick:

  • Create a sloppy, hard-edged selection in Photoshop and save the selection as an alpha channel.
  • Save the file in TIFF format.
  • Import it into QuarkXPress.
  • Use the Gaussian Blur filter in Picture Effects to blur the alpha channel.

The result: a soft, transparent, faded edge on the picture that you can undo and alter at any time. Coooool!

Getting Edgy with QuarkXPress 7.0