QX-Tools Pro

XTensiononOne Software’s QX-Tools Pro 7 ($100) adds more than a dozen new features to QuarkXPress 7.

The newest include:

  • QX-Drag & Drop: lets you drag and drop picture files and text files from Adobe Bridge or the Finder onto a QuarkXPress page.
  • QX-WYSIWYG: displays fonts in the font menu in their own typefaces.
  • QX-SuperSelect: lets you select unconnected sections of text to copy or format.
  • QX-Find-Change: lets you combine multiple find-change actions into one sequence.
  • QX-Underline: allows rules and underlines to automatically skip over descenders in characters such as g, j, p, q & y.
  • QX-Shortcuts: lets you create your own keyboard shortcuts or reassign existing keyboard shortcuts.
  • QX-Tips&Tricks: displays tips from Jay Nelson, editor of Design Tools Monthly.

Other features let you create Item Styles for text and picture boxes, frames and rules; adjust attributes of characters, paragraphs, rules and objects from a palette with Up and Down arrows; Find/Change anything, including attributes of items; Scale groups of items with control over which attributes get scaled, and an Undo button; view a thumbnail of your page/spread and click to navigate to any location; save and reuse favorite zoom levels; and more.

You can watch a 5-minute intro video at QXT7 Welcome Video