Save QX7 Projects Down to QX4, And More…

XTensionMarkzware’s MarkzTools 7 ($199) is an XTension for QuarkXPress 7 that lets you save your Project down to a version 4 document. (Without it, QuarkXPress 7 can only export to version 6.)

Of course, anything created by features in QuarkXPress 7 that are not available in QuarkXPress 4 will be lost. (For example, layers, transparency, drop shadows, tables, shared content, imported Photoshop files, etc.).

MarkzTools also has other extremely valuable features, such as warning you when you’re about to save a document created by a lower version into a higher version, and letting you salvage text or graphics from corrupted documents.

It can check documents as they are re-saved to be sure they aren’t corrupted, and it can save files to your desktop Mac before saving them to a networked server. And it can convert all picture previews to gray boxes, to reduce the QuarkXPress document file size for archiving.