Print Items on the Pasteboard

Print Items on the PasteboardSometimes, you may want to print something just outside the page area — maybe a brief note or a mark for a fold.

To print an item that is on the pasteboard, just be sure that some part of its box slightly overlaps the page, even if you have to hide it with a paper-colored box. Then, in the Print dialog box, make sure that a Bleed is turned on under the Bleed section. If you check the checkbox labeled Clip at Bleed Edge, your pasteboard item will be clipped off at the bleed amount. If it’s unchecked, your pasteboard item will print as much as will fit on the paper.

Print Items on the PasteboardIn older versions of QuarkXPress that don’t have a Bleed section in the Print dialog, just be sure to turn on registration marks.