An Expanded Measurements Palette

XTensionBadia FullMeasure 4.0 ($90) adds another Measurements palette to QuarkXPress 7.

FullMeasurre 4.0 provides quick access to almost every control that is otherwise hidden in a QuarkXPress dialog box.

It also adds new timesaving abilities, such as:

  • Find and replace any attribute of any item(s)
  • Interactively change almost any value by pressing Up and Down arrows
  • Adjust view percentage with a slider
  • Save and use custom view percentages
  • Choose a font from a list of fonts used in the document
  • Redefine a Style Sheet to match selected text
  • Count words, characters or paragraphs
  • Insert special characters
  • Fit box to picture or text
  • Determine the “effective” resolution of a picture, which takes into account scaling
  • Display picture file size, format, color mode, and creator application
  • Update all modified pictures
  • Show a picture file in the Finder or launch its creator application
  • List fonts & colors used in imported EPS files
  • Convert measures between inches, mm, picas, pixels, etc.
  • Add guides precisely, create a guide at text baseline, and step & repeat guides