Quark’s Free Curriculum Kit

One sign of Quark’s dedication to supporting education is that they’ve developed a QuarkXPress Curriculum Kit, which is FREE for all QuarkXPress class instructors.

QuarkXPress Curriculum Kit

Its theme is “Take On The World”, and it encourages design students to test out their skills with the latest features in QuarkXPress 7 and Quark Interactive Designer.

Instructor materials include the following:

In-Class Course Content and Exercises

  • In-Class Course Content and Exercises
  • Multiple Syllabus Samples
  • Student Homework Exercises
  • Video Training Modules for Class Use
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Guide
  • CDs Containing All Content for Quick Reference
  • Software for QuarkXPress 7 and Interactive Designer

To find out more about these materials, visit QuarkXPress Curriculum Kit