Major Publisher Upgrades Macs, Fonts, & Quark Publishing System

In the past, Quark hasn’t proudly proclaimed it successes — mostly because it hasn’t had to. But with Adobe’s remarkable ability to broadcast its successes, Quark is beginning to announce some of its own.

This week’s success story is the over-the-weekend adoption of the latest Quark Publishing System (QPS) by the award-winning European publishing company BurdaYukom Publishing. They publish approximately 60 regular publications on 100 workstations. According to Quark’s press release:

“Our editorial team was working with the old system on Friday and with the new one on Monday,” said Wolfram Gotz, head of IT at BurdaYukom Publishing. “The change-over to the new QPS went off without a hitch, despite the fact that we were also bringing our computers up to date with Intel Macs and completely renewing our font libraries. Quark provided us with outstanding support throughout the entire process; our editorial team, system administration, and graphics and production departments were given a 14-day training course in the new QPS and two weeks’ production support. We are delighted with the outstanding service offered by Quark – and with the new QPS, of course, with its truly impressive design and system architecture.”