QuarkXPress 7.3: What’s Improved

My previous posts pointed out some favorite improvements in the QuarkXPress 7.3 update, but I neglected to mention its faster speed. Quark is rightfully proud of its faster speed as well as its other improvements, which include:

  • Spell checking is up to 500% faster.
  • Files save up to 75% faster on local hard drives.
  • Text can be navigated up to 50% faster.
  • Collect For Output is up to 40% faster.
  • Some projects save as much smaller files.
  • Several new PDF Output Styles are included.

QuarkXPress updateIf you haven’t gotten it yet, there’s no reason to wait. The update is available as a 325MB download (requires registration).
QuarkXPress 7.3 Update

Quark’s website has a full list of Resolved Issues and Known Issues