Pantone’s New Goe System

Pantone Geo45 years after introducing its Pantone Matching System (PMS) for spot color inks, Pantone has developed a successor. The new system, called Goe, will work alongside PMS while adding easier color matching in other media such as textiles, paints, plastics, etc.

Gene Gable provides an excellent overview and industry perspective in his article at You can also go direct to the source for Pantone’s (very colorful) “white paper“.

Here are some highlights:

Goe has 2,058 colors, almost double the number of colors in the PMS system, with many new blues, greens and neutrals. The colors are arranged chromatically in a logical new numbering system, making it easier to find similar colors.

Goe inks are formulated from ten base inks instead of the existing 14 that are used to build PMS colors; four are new and six are in the original set. These 10 inks actually produce a wider color gamut than the 14 PMS inks and are more compatible with Aqueous and UV coatings.

The Goe system includes the GoeGuide, a fan-style guide that displays every Goe color; GoeSticks, adhesive-backed color chips that can be either permanently attached to a Palette Card that you can give to clients or printers (30 Palette Cards are included), or temporarily stuck to a specially coated Palette Playground for color experimentation and chip re-use.

The Goe system also includes myPantone Palletes Software for building color palettes based on colors in images, for generating complementary colors, and for blending any two colors into up to 64 individual gradients steps. These palettes can be emailed to a client, or manually entered into design applications by using sRGB values displayed next to every swatch. Adobe, Quark and others will add direct support for Goe into future software revisions.

Pantone Geo

Pantone Goe will be available October 1, and will be priced at US$499. The coated fan guide will also be available with the software for $129, but no uncoated fan guide will be available when the product launches. Pantone will continue to sell their older Matching System as well.