Removing Palette Sets in QuarkXPress 7

Removing Palette Sets in QuarkXPress 7One of the silliest oversights in QuarkXPress 7 is that it lets you create Palette Sets, but not remove them.

A Palette Set is a saved arrangement of open palettes. To remove a Palette Set, you must find and delete the .xml file that describes it.

These Palette Sets are stored on the Preferences folder or directory. On a Mac, they’re stored in /username/Library/Preferences/Quark/QuarkXPress 7.0/Palette Sets/. On a Windows XP, they’re usually stored in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Quark.

And here’s a word for the wise: there is no “default” Palette Set that you can revert to. Therefore, you may want to create a Default set as soon as you install QuarkXPress that has the palettes where Quark normally puts them.

If you missed your opportunity to do that — say, by moving a palette — temporarily move the Preferences file to the desktop and then relaunch QuarkXPress. (The Preferences file is in either the Preferences folder as above, or in the QuarkXPress folder.) This will reset the palettes to their default position. You can then save a “Default” set, quit QuarkXPress, put the Preferences file back in its original location, and then relaunch QuarkXPress. Whew!