The Interactive Palette

When you install the Interactive Designer XTension, several new items are added to the interface of QuarkXPress 7. The most important of these is the Interactive palette, which is accessible under the Window menu. The Interactive palette is your main resource for working with objects, user events, and actions.

Interactive Palette

The Interactive palette is made up of several panes that allow you to create objects, and assign user events and actions. You can access these panes by clicking the buttons at the top of the palette. Each pane contains several dynamic dropdown lists, which will automatically change depending on the choices you make.

Using the Interactive palette, you can specify any XPress layout item such as a text box, picture box, or line as an interactive object. You can then apply a user event and an action to the object using the controls in the various panes of the Interactive palette.

The Interactive palette contains over 100 different pre-built actions for building dynamic menus, buttons, movie players, event driven audio, and animations. And the best part about creating interactive layouts with pre-built actions in Interactive Designer is that you can do so without ever having to look at a single line of ActionScript code. Creating dynamic SWF content has never been easier.