WYSIWYG Font Menu in QuarkXPress

Unsanity's Font CardWhen recording the August 27th podcast of Design Tools Weekly, I answered a question I frequently hear from Mac users:

“How do I make the Fonts menu in QuarkXPress show fonts in their own typefaces — you know, WYSIWYG?”

Here’s what I suggest:
While you’re waiting for Quark to add this feature to QuarkXPress, spend $17 on Unsanity’s Font Card.

That’s right: FontCard makes the Font menu in every application show fonts in their own typefaces. But there’s a second feature that I love almost as much: it groups recently used fonts in at the top of the Font menu. I mean seriously, 99% of the time aren’t you reaching for a font you’ve recently used?

Unsanity's Font CardBut wait, there’s more! It can also reach into font sets you’ve created in third-party font managers (Suitcase, FontAgent or FontExplorer) and show previews of inactive fonts in those font managers.

And it adds several other helpful features: you can reveal the actual font file on your hard drive for any font in the menu; each font in the list is marked with an icon that indicates its format (PostScript, TrueType or OpenType); it groups font families into submenus; it marks duplicate fonts; and you can create your own custom font sets in the font menu.

Unsanity's Font CardIn addition… if you hold down the Shift key, the fonts appear in a simple, unstyled list, which is helpful because sometimes you don’t need to see the fonts in their own styles, because you simply want to choose a font you already know.

Yes, QuarkXPress should already be able to show fonts in their own typefaces. But then if it did, we probably wouldn’t bother getting FontCard — and we’d miss out on its other fantastic font menu enhancements.